Münster of Berne


Münster of Berne Boasting the tallest tower in Switzerland, at 100 meters high, is the Münster of Berne. The Gothic cathedral, that underwent construction in 1421, sits in the city of Bern. The ancient structure, that is believed to have replaced a small chapel built in 1191, boasts an array of attractions for its guests. Bell Tower The church's bell tower is accessible by the public for a small free. To reach the lower viewing platform, visitors must trek 254 steps. At the top, however, one is granted the reward of a spectacular view across Bern. Climbing an additional 90 steps, guests can visit the upper spire o the tower. The bell tower also features the largest bell in Switzerland. The bell weighs 10.5 ton and was cast in 1611. The bells in the tower are rung daily at noon and 6 p.m. Church Interior The Münster of Berne's interior is an exquisite site. The church features several altars financed by local families. Today the altars bring a wealth of art and sculpture to the cathedral. All grand cathedrals boast stained glass windows and the Münster of Berne is no exception. The church features a stained glass window detailing the Dance of Death. This window, along with the others, is considered to be the most valuable in Switzerland. The windows date back to the 1400's. Choir stalls in the church also catch the attention of visitors. Carvings on the Renaissance-style stalls include images of animals and of daily life. The cathedral organ rests above the main entrance of the church. The organ was built in 1930 and restored in 1999. It is used for concerts that take place during the year.





Münster of Berne Münsterplatz 1
3011 Bern, Switzerland

+41 31 312 04 62


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